How Maintain a Beard

Once you’ve gone full beard and you have some wild shrubbery to deal with, you’ll want to invest in some beard oil. ( we have  it in our barbershop  ) And no, cooking oil from the kitchen won’t do the trick. Quality beard oil can give your new fleecy friend a beautiful sheen, while keeping it velvety to the touch. Beard oil is also great for beard health. If you opt for scented oil should not be to strong  your “grass grin” will act as a kind of chin and cheek potpourri, sending pleasant aromas toward your nose all day long, a seemingly obvious step that many men ignore at their peril.



What Style you choose

The first tip is to choose a hairstyle that’s realistic for your lifestyle, hair type( thick, thin curly hair ) , and general image. If you tend to wear conservative clothing and work for a wall street or law firm .. , chances are that you don’t want a super edgy style. If you do not have much time and always on the run, you  won’t want something that requires a lot of daily fuss. So to choose a style that will really work for you, you’ll need to think about your workplace requirements as well as the time you usually have on hand to style. Do you want a cut that’s going to require a weekly touch-up at the barbershop or one that can grow out a bit longer? if you are not sure what style to choose talk to one of our professional barbers  to get the right cut to fit your personal style and needs.